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CARTEL company offers following services:

  • IP telephony
  • Dial-Up Internet access
  • Fix telephony

  • CARTEL card can be used both for IP telephony and for Dial-Up Internet access It's very convenient for our customers.
    IP telephony

    IP telephony is technology which allows usage of Internet or any other IP-based network as mean of realtime international and interurban phone calls and fax transmission organization and conducting.

    Customer dials local number on his regular phone instead of dialing international access code and hears voice responce offering to enter his PIN-code and phone number of called person. Then CARTEL's IP-telephony system (via communication center of call's destination region) connects you with called person. Customer also hears usual telephone sygnals ("ring", "busy").

    IP telephony prices

    To access IP telephony dial
    • In CHisinau: 1603 (transfer your phone in tone mode)
    • Moldova: 01603 (transfer your phone in tone mode)
    Follow the instructions, enter account and pin. Enter destination phone number [counry code][city code][phone number]

    Trusted phone numbers

    You may enter you phone number in our trusted numbers database. Dialling from this number there is no need to enter account and pin.

    Dial numbers for trusted phone numbers
    • In Chisinau: 1603. Press 0# being connected
    • Moldova: 01603. Press 0# being connected
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